PhakisaWorld Fleet Solutions is backed by industry leader Avis Fleet and BEE fleet solutions group Phakisa Fleet Solutions.

PhakisaWorld Fleet Solutions is a jointly controlled entity with equal participation at a board, management, technical and financial level. We are a special purpose vehicle (SPV) that has been formed to specifically address the needs of the NDoT in respect of DoT/34/2005/GMT. The shareholders and directors of Phakisa Fleet Solutions and Avis Fleet have established South Africa’s first broad-based black economic empowered fleet management entity by combining the companys’ diverse skills and cultures, extensive expertise and resources giving rise to PhakisaWorld Fleet Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

PhakisaWorld Fleet Solutions has a strong entrepreneurial culture with a business that specialises in tailor-made fleet transport solutions with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. The management has a strong belief in strength-in-diversity and a total commitment to Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment. By combining knowledge, experience and expertise along with financial, technical and operational skills, Phakisa Fleet Solutions forms strategic partnerships with its fleet customers to deliver great value to those customers.

Avis Fleet established 25 years ago on a strong entrepreneurial belief that the key ingredient for achieving success is having the courage and vision to think big, combined with the patience to start small. The people at Avis Fleet have the vision to see opportunities coupled with the clear understanding of the difficulties that lie in the way of converting aims into realities – and most importantly, the perseverance to overcome obstacles. The company is today acknowledged as the leader in vehicle leasing and fleet management solutions in Southern Africa, specialising in tailor-made solutions for fleet customers. Avis Fleet’ management philosophy is based on strong values, a belief that people make the difference and that service excellence provides real edge.

PhakisaWorld Fleet Solutions will provide a fleet solution to satisfy governments current and future fleet transport requirements. The bonds of the partnership were formed on the realisation that in the differences that existed, when combined, were complimentary and formed a unique strength which will be mutually beneficial to the partners, government and society. The opportunities provided in this tender extended way beyond the provision of a fleet services solution. PhakisaWorld Fleet Solutions embraces the immense transformation opportunity that exists to create local innovations, the formation of trend-setting products and services that result in job creation and skills transfer opportunities and meaningful social upliftment opportunities. The detail of how this will be accomplished is explained in our tender proposal.

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