Phakisaworld Fleet Solutions and its Shareholders fully subscribe to transformation and democratization of the economy of our country to correct and redress the stifling effects of the past and we see economic reform as the foundation of a successful nation. Phakisaworld is confident that we have the resourcefulness and commitment from our Board of Directors and its shareholders to fulfill our B-BBEE requirements.

Phakisaworld is currently a Level 2 B-BBEE contributor and continues to strive for improvements. 


Corporate Social Investment

Our commitment to communities is underpinned by our Value-Based Management (VBM) approach and our drive for sustainability.  VBM ensures that through our shareholders and stakeholders, Phakisaworld moves beyond the conventional approach of trade-offs between stakeholders and searches for solutions which add value for all over time.   Corporate Social Investment (CSI) activities began as far back as the 1970’s within our holding company and played an important role during the country’s socio-political transition, where we continue to help in creating a more just and equitable socio-economic dispensation.

At a group level, CSI is viewed as an investment in the future – in our people around the world and their various communities – and the environmental sustainability of the planet.  It is one of several mechanisms we use to build enduring relationships and enhance our business value propositions. In the course of our business, through extensive, on-going interactions, Phakisaworld engages with a wide range of stakeholders to understand their interests and concerns and construct its value propositions.  We strive to be responsive to the needs of the communities in which we do business. 

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