Driver training is provided through Master Drive which facilitates training benefits to the Phakisaworld Fleet Solutions Group of companies

MasterDrive provides quality and standardized advanced driver training for all drivers of road worthy vehicles, throughout Southern Africa and the African continent, through corporate and licensee locations, in order to meet your individual requirements.

The focus is to ensure drivers arrive alive at their destination in the most economical manner and to maintain leadership in every category of advanced driver training.

Very few people have been taught to drive by professional driving instructors. Those who have experience have far fewer collisions and on-road crises or difficulties.

People who make the investment in professional driver training therefore benefit on all fronts resulting in reduced fuel and vehicle operating costs, a reduction in unproductive down time, reduced stress levels and also brings the driver the greatest benefit of all- an enhanced ability to stay alive on the road.

There is no mystique to professional driver training. It is merely the analysis and modification of driver habits and attitudes to produce a subconsciously competent driver. The driver then systematically applies defensive driving techniques, has good driving habits, and has learned how to anticipate and avoid road crises, coupled with procedures designed for the early detection of vehicle and environmental problems.

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