Choosing a Full Maintenance Lease from Phakisaworld Fleet Solutions means you choose a vehicle in accordance with the PPP agreement this includes the distance and time parameters as specified in the agreement - at a fixed monthly rental. In so doing, ownership remains with Phakisaworld Fleet Solutions and you effectively only pay for usage. Naturally the risk of ownership, such as providing capital finance, maintenance and re-sale will also remain with Phakisaworld Fleet Solutions.

The features of this offering include:

  • The sourcing and delivery of the vehicle(s) selected by you.
  • Finance of the vehicle(s).
  • All maintenance/repairs and services as prescribed by the manufacturer.
  • Battery replacement, exhaust replacement, and all other maintenance on the vehicle.
  • Normal services as indicated by the manufacturer.
  • Tyres, including wheel alignment and wheel balancing.
  • Depreciation / amortization
  • First registration and annual license renewals.
  • Acquisition and disposal of vehicle.
  • The proactive management of all maintenance and repairs.
  • Technical information and feedback.
  • Re-assessments of contracts should the vehicle usage change from the originally anticipated mileage.

The benefits of a Full Maintenance Lease include:

  • No capital outlay.
  • Our agreement permits Off Balance sheet financing in terms of the requirements of IAS 17.
  • The monthly rental can be projected, facilitating accurate budgeting.
  • Vehicles can be replaced at no major cash outlay.
  • VAT is payable monthly and is not capitalized up-front on the initial cost of the vehicle, thus resulting in a substantial cash flow saving.
  • No risk to you on the resale of the vehicle in an ever-turbulent Used Car Market.
  • Total administration of the fleet remains with Phakisaworld Fleet Solutions, thus allowing Customer management and staff to concentrate on their mainstream business.
  • Phakisaworld Fleet Solutions qualified Technical personnel are able to facilitate fleet inspections on a quarterly basis.
  • The VAT on the maintenance of passenger vehicles and the full VAT amount on commercial vehicles can be claimed from the Receiver of Revenue on a monthly basis as an input credit. Phakisaworld Fleet Solutions will supply you with this figure.

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