Phakisaworld Fleet Solutions will assist you in reducing the maintenance expenditure on your fleet as part of a fleet management service. The “Phakisaworld Fleet Solutions Managed Maintenance Service” ensures that only necessary maintenance is conducted on your vehicles and that only authorized maintenance costs are incurred in the operating expenses of your fleet. The service will also reduce the administration associated with maintaining your fleet including issuing of orders, checking of invoices and negotiating payments and discounts with repair workshops.

Specially trained technicians manage the Phakisaworld Fleet Solutions Maintenance call center service lines ensuring that the necessity of all maintenance work is pre-vetted against manufacturer recommendations and the Phakisaworld Fleet Solutions maintenance database before work is approved.

Managed Maintenance benefits include:

  • Phakisaworld Fleet Solutions will scrutinize job card parameters before approving maintenance work
  • Phakisaworld Fleet Solutions will check the job card and invoice accuracy before settling payment with the workshop
  • Phakisaworld Fleet Solutions will provide you with a single VAT invoice on a monthly basis for the whole fleet
  • Our management reports track and analyze fixed and variable cost on each vehicle
  • Exception reporting highlights any vehicle or driver that exceeds your policy parameters
  • Monthly fleet reports assist with effective cost center management of your fleet
  • Drivers no longer have to carry the costs of service payments

The Phakisaworld Fleet Solutions Managed Maintenance Service reduces the administration burden associated with maintaining your fleet

Will deliver improved controls and cost saving benefits by reducing unnecessary repairs and maintenance expenditure

We will provide you with a consolidated maintenance bill on 30-day payment terms

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